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We're in this together! Maker's Kitchen is a friendly community of product builders cooking it up together. A maker support network run on Discord to build and launch your project.


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It's Hot in the Kitchen 🔥

Start sharing your development progress while having a great community to rely on for support. Here's a few:

Tasty Discord Channels for Healthy Growth 🌱

Join the kitchen and discover the channels. All the ingredients for a safe and friendly community to build in.

  • #Hello-Kitchen

    Introduce yourself and your projects, and get a warm welcome from the community and mods.

  • #design-kitchen

    Post product screenshots or ideas and get UI/UX or user flow related feedback from other makers.

  • #Coding-Kitchen

    Stuck on some coding issues? Maker's Kitchen has software developers who can point you in the right direction.

  • #Marketing-Kitchen

    Share marketing tactics and tips that can help chefs in the kitchen grow their projects. 

  • #Jobs-Kitchen

    Get a helping hand, or find yourself some work from other chefs in the kitchen. 

  • #Launch-Pad

    News of a launch? Share it in the launch pad, where other makers will give you a boost! 

What Members Say 👩🏾‍🍳

Maker's Kitchen originally launched 4 years ago.
We thought it's time for a comeback!

I deleted discord 3 years ago and downloaded it again just for this 💀

Dianna, Founder of TERRA

I love connecting with talents in the Indie Makers world. My believe in this movement is strong. I look forward to see it strive.  

Alexander, Unicorn Platform CEO

Kitchen Sessions 🍳

Hosted by Serial Indiepreneur, Fajar Siddiq. We run Kitchen Sessions where you can chat and share projects on the digital stage to speakers and audience in the community!

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Get Your Invitation!

Maker's kitchen is a friendly community of product builders cooking up software together. A support network run on Discord to build and launch your project.

  • Safe Community

    Our moderators keep things healthy, and free of spam.

  • Kitchen Stage

    Live voice calls to share updates and chat.

  • Launch Together

    Support and help for your big launch.

Maker's Kitchen Story

Maker's Kitchen was first launched 4 years ago by an indie team of Dinuka, Shehan, and Nuwan. It was originally a popular Slack community, and now we're back on Discord! 

Take a look back at our launches in our Product Hunt hub page to see how it all started:

We're on Product Hunt

Maker's Kitchen on Product Hunt: Where Makers meet Makers 🌱
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2022 Relaunch 🚀

Fast forward to 2022, and we relaunched the kitchen as a Discord community, with the help of some new friendly mods:

Get the tastiest news digest around.

A roundup of what's going on in Maker's Kitchen Discord server.

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